About Me


Its all ME ME ME ME ME

Well your are the curious type, nosey or just plain board.
Do you like the picture by the way. Its me at Chester zoo trying on some shades and making them look good

I am an IT consultant with many years in the industry from just about every side.

I have Played with everything from 8inch disks, real to real tapes, disk drives the size of washing machines, punch cards and paper tape to servers in data centres and home machines or in the cloud. But that is just me showing my age and wondering where did all the time go..

It only seems like yesterday to me that we had dialup to BBS's to do online games and chat etc. Now the new fangled Internet thingamawhatsit has taken over and sadly almost killed off some of the more quaint parts to computing such as MUD's or the whole fun of battling with people in the house who could use the phone as you wanted to get online to check your mail or just play shades on Prestel / Micronet.
I am originally from Liverpool but now live on the Cheshire / Staffordshire border between Kidsgrove and Congleton.

Used to run a few Bulliten Boards back in the days when the internet was just a pipe dream and we all used to have fun sending email and waiting for ages for it to arrive via Fidonet or some other such platform.
The days of dialup seem so long away now but I look back at them with a fondness when you could have a real chat online and not be worried about the masses of individuals who's sole purpose in life is to advertise porn, push Viagra or swap insults with people.

Currently I am a IT field support engineer for a Uttoxeter based IT company.
Driving around in my van fixing or installing everything from a server to a Wifi Point.
Occasionally on the support desk or remoted into someone's machine and generally pretending to work like most people in IT.
Does mean I travel and get to have some great adventures on the road. Oh the people... The places... but mostly The people...

I have over 2 decades of experience in customer facing IT roles and like to say that I have seen it all so not much can throw you off your balance when your not surprised.
I am as they say a 'People Person'

All in all though I count myself very lucky to have manged to mix my passion for IT and generally meeting and having fun with people over the years which after all is what is all about.
A very good friend of mine once said, that if you are not happy at work then you will never be happy with life as it consumes so much of it.

Besides I also get to drive around and listen to audio books which is always a bonus.
I always find also that Occam's razor, or law of parsimony is usually the best problem-solving principle.
"entities should not be multiplied without necessity." in other words Simplest solution usually the best.
Or its usually the obvious that caused the problem in the first place.

Other than the IT side of things I do have some hobbies such as 3D Printing and the usual mayhem that comes with having a family and children that tend to make life interesting on a regular basis.
I like to play some online games like Runescape and miss the days of MicroNet and Shades.

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